Saturday, December 16, 2017

13 Reasons Why Online Dating Is The Worst

  Hello nerds.  This post is going to be an extra special one.  Upon the dabbling of myself and friends in the online dating world, I have acquired a very special collection of screenshots that depict exactly why online dating can be the absolute worst and just how weird people can be.  Some of these will have an explanation while others I feel do not require words.  So, without further adieu, here are 13 Reasons Why Online Dating is The Worst.

1.  The Crazy, Psychotic, Delusional one
I had been texting this gem for a week or two, keep in mind we NEVER met in person or went out. After some super weird conversations, I explained to him, politely, that I didn't think we would mesh well and the result was awful texts and when I didn't respond to those, he some how tracked me down on Facebook and sent me awful messages there and when I didn't answer THOSE, I received awful Instagram comments calling me a "whore".  Can you say "KEEPER"?!

2.  The One Who Bathes Regularly
At least he can "cook bomb food

3. The One Who Eats
No, Jake.  I don't like to eat.

4. The One Who Likes Feet
Nope and I don't plan to.

5. The One With the Laptop
That's pretty hot.

6. The One With the Bum
This little peach randomly sent my friend a picture of his bare ass.  Why?  WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?

7. The One With the Overdue Book
Never heard that one before... ::eye roll::

8. The One With the Fetish
No, but something tells me you are.

9.  The One Stuck in 3rd Grade
Alright, alright, FINE.  This one gets points for creativity and cuteness.

10.  The One With the Thrilling Tomato Facts
I can sleep easy tonight now that I know when Tomatoes arrived in Europe.

11. The One With the Warm Soup
I do love warm soup.

12. The One Who Thinks Pascoag is Quaint
The only thing more charming than Pascoag is someone who buys weed from Pascoag. 

13. The One Who Got Noods
In what world would this actually work on anyone?!

Welp.  That pretty much sums it up kids. There some weirddddddddddd people out there.  If you've never had to use online dating, consider yourself lucky! 


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