Sunday, January 15, 2017

I'm Surrounded by Douchebags.

  Being propelled into the dating world again has been exciting, entertaining, fun and most of all, extremely disappointing.  I've been going on my fair share of dates and going out with friends socializing at different watering holes.  I've met a handful of men and I've noticed one common trait they all share - none of them know how to treat a woman, let alone date.  Since when is it acceptable for a first date to be "come over to my house to watch a movie"?! Is chivalry so dead in 2017 that men can't even be bothered to put on some pants and take us out on a nice date?  It's unbelievable, really.  No, I don't want to sit on your couch and watch the Patriots game for our first date.  And no, I definitely don't want to "go hang out in your hotel room" for our first date either.  What happened to wooing a girl that you're interested in? What happened to flowers and fancy dinners?  What has happened to dating and why is it now taken so lightly and casually?
  This past Friday night, I spent the evening chatting with a handsome, smart, successful man in a bar. As the night came to a close, I expected to exchange numbers and hopefully plan a date for another night. Instead, I received a kiss on the cheek and a whisper in my ear of "Let's go back to my place". Gross.  Is it just now assumed that everyone in the world is easy and is sleeping with someone immediately the new norm? Sorry, but if you're not going to go through the effort of planning a nice date for me, you're definitely not getting any action.
  Is it possible that in the age of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, members of the opposite sex are so readily available that they are now taken for granted?  Since another person is now just one swipe away, does this make us more disposable and less valuable?  Do men not feel the need to put in effort because they know if their lazy attempt at a date fails with one girl, they can find another one within 5 swipes in a 10 mile radius?  That's the problem with dating today.  Instead of putting in some real, genuine effort, it has become the new norm to simply message a girl, send her a few cute GIF's and then ask her over. Are there any men left out there who want to put forth actual effort or am I doomed to accept emojis as flirting and cuddling as a first date? Pray for me.

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