Friday, December 16, 2016

RED FLAG FRIDAY - CHAPTER 3 - City Boy Problems.


  Red Flag Friday is a weekly blog series in which I tell ridiculous relationship stories I've gathered from my own life and the lives of my friends and family.  Every Friday I will share a crazy story that should have, at the time, been a red flag.  For the sake of saving many people a great deal of embarrassment, the stars of these stories will be kept anonymous.

This is the first time that Red Flag Friday is actually being posted on a Friday... and even with an hour to spare!  Baby steps, people! 

  Let's set the scene.  Once upon a time there was a girl who found herself dating a new guy.  She thought he was pretty amazing.. especially compared to the last D-bag, he literally treated her like gold.  So, this girl is very outdoorsy.  She loves anything outside - hiking, boating, fishing, fourwheeling, bonfires - you name it!  
  So this one particular weekend, the boy visited the girl in her hometown which also happens to be in the sticks.  The girl took the boy hiking with her and her dog.  First of all, the boy showed up in nice khaki PANTS (it was the middle of effing summer), a wife-beater (WTF?), and super new, very white, sneakers (eye roll).  It was immediately clear to her that the boy was not used to such activities. 
  As they were walking along, the boy complained that they kept walking into spider webs.  The girl ignored this, not thinking anything of it.  A little time passed, and the boy made a huge scene about these spider webs.  The girl jokingly said "What, do you want me to walk ahead of you so I hit them first?"  And the boy replied "Yes".  WOW.  So the girl spent the remaining 2 miles of the hike walking in front of the boy, with a stick in front of her, warding off any potential spider webs to protect the GROWN ASS MAN walking behind her.
  After this "date" the girl continued to date the boy for another few months and during that time, he continued to prove to her that he was just a city boy and he couldn't comply with her "country" lifestyle.  But boy, did he ever try.  


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