Friday, November 25, 2016

Love is blind.

  A few months ago, if anyone had told me that come November I would be a 27 year old single girl living with my parents again, I would say YEAH RIGHT. That's crazy talk because a few months ago I was in a committed relationship, living with my boyfriend and our two dogs, under the impression we were both equally in love and in it for the long haul.  Well, long story short, I was but he wasn't and so here I am.  BUT ANYWAY.
  A funny thing happens when you're so used to being in a relationship and find yourself suddenly single.  You realize that you don't really know who you are anymore.  You spend so much time and energy trying to make the other person happy that you stop doing things to make yourself happy. You exhume so much energy into making the relationship work and trying to please the other person that you let your own wants and needs fall by the wayside.  So all of a sudden you're alone in your late 20's, laying on your parents futon, wondering how the hell you got here and what to do with all this new free time.
  I found that after the entire ordeal, my eyes were wide open.  I saw relationships in a whole new light and was able to pick myself up, get over it, heal and in the process give my friends some solid advice in their own relationships.  In comes the blog creation.  I've always loved writing and always wanted to start a blog - so I figured what better time than now?  Why not document my ridiculous life of getting my heart broken, healing, finding myself again, dating and finding love again?
  A wise person once told me "You cannot rely on another person for your own happiness."  Really let that sink in.  YOU cannot rely on another person for YOUR OWN happiness.  It's so simple, yet so unbelievably true.

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