Saturday, November 26, 2016

Breakup in a Small Town

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  Sam Hunt really hit the nail on the head with this one.  If you've never heard the song, you are welcome for both the beautiful face you're about to see as well as the lyrical masterpiece you are about to hear:

  I live in a VERY small town.  Everyone knows everyone and that is no exaggeration.  This can make things rather difficult when you date someone from said town and then you breakup.  Suddenly simple tasks, such as driving to work, become a panic attack because every time you see a white truck your stomach drops.  You have to avoid certain parts of town that you wouldn't normally think twice about driving through. Taking the long way to get to places, just to avoid the very real possibility that you would pass this person and feel like shit when they don't acknowledge you.  
  This has always been my town.  I have lived here my entire 27 years of life and now, I can't even go to my favorite townie bar without the fear of "him" walking in.  Oh and I should probably mention that the one time I DID go to said favorite townie bar, I had about 5 different people asking me where he was and why he wasn't with me which was FANTASTIC.  And then you get the occasional person who wants to attempt to talk shit with you about the situation and get you to say bad things about them but I'm not about that life.  Just smile and nod, that's all you can do.  And then you get the types of people who feel bad for you and give you that look like "Oh you poor thing!" And you say - "No, really. I'm fine!"  "Oh but it must be SO HARD!"  I SAID I'M FINE, OK?!
  Probably the worst part about breaking up in a small town, is when you're on your way home and you space out as one does and you catch yourself on your way to "his" house which used to be OUR house but now it's just HIS house again.  Then you have to snap yourself out of it, turn the wheel and keep on keeping on.  Because that's really all we can do.

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